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20, NC, cook, loves music, ask away my name is PJ


I looked up at your window, pretended I could see you.
You don’t live there anymore.

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Pinky Swear - Into It. Over It.

Life gets in the way of living
And interrupts the could of, would of, should of
That I ask myself each day
Where I’ve spent my time
And how I’m spending it
Or if I’m simply wasting it away

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Title Fight - Lefty (x)

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That’s what I did this morning

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Tears Over Beers - Modern Baseball

I said, “All I can hope for is for you to get better,
'Cause all I can take is no more.
So I’ll hide where I can, away from you and your friends,
Leaking tears over beers once again.”

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Heart Tattoo by Joyce Manor
from Never Hungover Again (2014)

I know that it looks bad,
but it’s the only one I have.
What do you want me to say?
It’s never going away.

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"sometimes you eat apple sauce & brussels sprouts for dinner
because that’s the only thing left in your pantry
and you spent your paycheck on that
pile of books you’ll never get around to reading
and maybe that is all it means to be
alive in the age of your twenties"

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I’ve Given Up On You - Real Friends 
just my edit

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Quiet little monsters creep into my bedroom wall

I’ll fall for you
I’ll fall for you
I’ll fall for you

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