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20, NC, cook, loves music, ask away my name is PJ

Anonymous: can you stop being so attractive. I literally just want to bite your bottom lip and kiss you with a warm hug of course :3

Only if I knew who you were

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Everytime they play this live I cry.

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i’ve worked with a lot of universities that use the “consent is sexy” motto, and i get why they do it (it’s a marketing thing).  but i do think it downplays the absolute necessity of consent.  consent isn’t important because it makes things sexier.  it’s important because it prevents rape.

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Title Fight

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Basement // Canada Square

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The Front Bottoms by Olivia Blanco Photography on Flickr.

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Anonymous: 1. What's your address 2. What's your phone number 3. What's your social security number???


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